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Santa Barbara Jury Services

1108 Santa Barbara St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


1108 Santa Barbara St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 882-4530
Fax: (805) 882-4552
Emergencies: (805) 882-4530
Jury Information: (805) 882-4551 (24 hour recorded message)

Reporting Schedule: Please visit Reporting Instructions page for the phone numbers for each court

Santa Barbara Jury Services

Courtrooms Served:

Anacapa, Figueroa


Parking: Available at this facility.


As a matter of public safety, jurors may be subject to search and seizure of items identified on the Court’s List of Prohibited Items prior to entering any courthouse or courtroom. Please note that all persons and their property entering the courthouse are subject to search and screening to ensure proper court security. Please do not bring large backpacks or large carry bags. You may bring a small purse or a clear bag containing only the necessary items you will need. However, please be sure to remove any items that could potentially be considered a weapon. This will expedite the security screening process.

All weapons and contraband are prohibited. Items that could potentially be used as a weapon are not permitted in the courthouse and will be confiscated by the Sheriff. This includes firearms, pocket knives, box cutters, nail clippers, metal tweezers, knitting needles, metal utensils, bottle cap openers, or any other item that could be construed as a weapon. If you have any items of this nature, you must NOT bring them when reporting for jury duty. When reporting for jury duty, please allow extra time to go through the weapons screening line.


The jury parking lot is located at 1019 Garden Street (located between Figueroa & Carrillo Streets). Parking is limited. Please show your jury summons to the parking attendant to gain entry to the lot.  Additionally, there is a City parking lot on Anacapa Street across from the courthouse; the first 75 minutes are free. More Downtown parking locations. * Please be advised that the county will not reimburse you for any parking tickets incurred during jury duty.

You may use your summons as an MTD bus pass on your first reporting day. Present the summons to the driver instead of depositing money.


Monday - Friday: 8:00 am-3:00 pm

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