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Self-Help Evictions & Landlord / Tenant Law

Evictions & Landlord/ Tenant law

These are the minimum forms required by the court for the typical or standard unlawful detainer case. Your case may require additional forms. Should you have any questions regarding the completeness of your unlawful detainer and supporting papers, you should consult a private attorney who specializes in these matters.

Click on the name of the form you wish to view. You may fill them out online and print them from your computer. For detailed instructions on how to fill out the forms, please contact the Legal Resource Center.

Unlawful Detainer Filing

SC2045   What I should Know About Unlawful Detainers 
CM010* Civil Case Cover Sheet 
UD100   Complaint – Unlawful Detainer 
SUM130*   Summons – Unlawful Detainer – Eviction 
POS010*   Proof of Service of Summons 
UD150*   Request/Counter-Request to Set Case for Trial 
CIV100*   Request for Entry of Default 
UD110   Judgment – Unlawful Detainer 

Unlawful Detainer Answer

SC2045   What I should Know About Unlawful Detainers 
UD105   (2) Answer – Unlawful Detainer 
POS040 Proof of Service

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